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Exploited College Girls - Kelsey [REQ]

Exploited College Girls - Kelsey [REQ] Run Time: 80 min

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Description: Kelsey School: San Francisco State University Year: Freshman Age: 18 Height: 5'5 Figure: 36D-30-34 EyeColor: Blue Favorite Sexual Position: On Top ABOUT You know it's true - Chubby girls just do it better. 18 year old Kelsey is about as cool about all things sex as they come, she's turned on by watching porn, masturbates as much as we guys do, and if she wasn't such a noisy camera attention whore she'd be the perfect girlfriend. Luckily I don't have to worry about the latter part. While I'm setting up, Kelsey checks out the video where virgin Keisha gets deflowered and she is instantly turned on. She talks about her porn viewing-slash-masturbation habits and needless to say I'm hard right away. To my surprise Kelsey drops down immediately when I ask her to suck me right then and there. And holy shit this young lady is one fine cocksucker! There's so much enthusiasm there that I'm about to lose it so I have her spread her chubby cheeks on the bed for me. She's telling me to fuck her harder and harder and I do. This, brothers, is gonna be a great fucking shoot, I'm thinking to myself. But it just keeps getting better with our crazy San Francisco State University freshman. As Kelsey is getting ready in the bathroom we learn a lot more about her and her sexual habits. Since she likes older guys and cocksucking so much, she - without prompting! - gets on her knees again and blows me some more right there in the bathroom. But the fun is only about to start. We go to the bedroom to attempt a proper introduction. Well, fuck that. After exploring her tits (she gets off on having her massive boobs pulled and squeezed HARD...) and getting her riled up by playing with her clit and pussy, I pretend to have to take a phone call out on the patio. I set up the cameras and let Kelsey do her thing. She's been playing with herself the entire time off and on so I want her to really let go and get off, without me being there. You'll see how that turned out :). So Kelsey is a really enthusiastic and skilled dick sucker, but how far is she really willing to go. Well...far. I deepthroat and gag her so hard, tears are streaming from her face, long strands of spit fly everywhere - and she just keeps going back for more. Even when I grab her head with both hands and literally push and pull her head on my cock so hard that her entire body is moving, Kelsey is just totally into it. The only possible thing to make this all even better is if I get her to lick my ass. No problem. Like, at all. She's down, on her back, tongue in my ass and rimming me out like it's the most normal thing to do. So fucking amazing. My cock is so hard at this point, I could probably just mount the girl on it and spin her around like a dreidel. I practically do just that but not before I thoroughly pound the hell out of her pussy missionary style and then doggy. You might want to turn down the volume for that - Kelsey gets fucking loud with all this. So - dreidel time. Kelsey is on top and she's already said this was her favorite position. I let her do most of the work and basically have her fuck my cock, while her huge titties are bouncing around in my face. I try not to move the cameras around so much anymore so while Kelsey is speared on my cock I spin around with her to make sure the other cams get a better shot. After some more cowgirl action I sense Kelsey's pussy tensing up in short, very strong intervals and I know what's about to happen. When I lift up my knees to support her weight while fucking her pussy as fast as I can, I feel her orgasms, practically sucking the cum out of me. Her face gets all flush and her tits get those tiny little goose bumps that tell you you just did your job as a man. Kelsey's spent for the minute but I still have a load to place... Since Kelsey's ass licking skills are second to none I have her rim me out some more while I'm lying down. She's so into it that without asking her to she starts playing on me with her fingers, even probing the secret spot a little, while stealing glances at me to check to make sure she's allowed to go that far. Yes, she is. I'm throughly pent up at this point so it's time for the jizz shot. Kelsey almost hysterically laughs as I'm shooting load after load of cum into her mouth and on her face. If I could have shot another load in her mouth right then and there she would have loved that. Kelsey can barely speak as I'm asking her my usual exit interview questions while she is wiping off the cum from her face in the bathroom. I can honestly say Kelsey was into even the nastiest sex acts as much as I was, and I know that whatever dude she is going to pick up next at the bar is going to have one hell of a great time. Enjoy! As requested by alex24.

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